High School Ministry of Kearney eFree Church

Wednesday Nights // 8:01 to 9:30 p.m. // North Auditorium

Mission Statement // We believe every high school student matters, from this belief comes our desire to see them own their own faith by growing in their relationship with Jesus Christ. We want to partner with parents to equip and mobilize high school students to be lifelong followers of Christ.


801 is dedicated to the study of the inspired Word of God. We want to connect students to the scriptures, helping them to see the countless places where God’s Word speaks into their lives and situations.


801 is all about Jesus Christ and the gospel. Our desire is to grow in our hope and joy found in Christ by furthering our understanding of the gospel and developing a deeper relationship with Him.


801 is a welcoming place where high school students can come and experience the love, grace, and mercy of Jesus Christ. Through cultivated fellowship and community, we desire to see students grow in the knowledge and love of Jesus Christ.


801 is about Jesus Christ and the gospel pouring into every part of our lives. We want to develop an authentic faith that intersects with school, home, play and service.

801’s Discipleship Path

We believe that high school students will be transformed if they participate in these three areas of their spiritual life.

  1. Consistently gathering to worship God and be shaped by the truth of God’s Word.
  2. Consistently gathering in an authentic small group community where we study God’s Word and pursue a relationship with Christ together.
  3. Consistently serving others. Serving can be inside or outside the church; we are on mission for purposes bigger than ourselves.

801 is lead by: Jordan Hinrichsen – Student Ministries Director

To receive emails about 801 please contact Jordan@kearneyefree.com