Pre-Marital Preparation

We at Kearney eFree are committed to your lifetime success as husband and wife. Experience has taught us that Biblical principles, when followed, will contribute to the success of your marriage. Our Pre-Marital Preparation class, based on God’s Word, will be of great benefit to you.

We use a comprehensive program called Prepare/Enrich to equip couples and give them insight into their relationship as husband and wife. Couples will individually complete an on-line inventory and then our trained counselor will work with the couple to discover their strengths and weaknesses as a couple so that they can grow together as they enter marriage. A customized report will be shared with each couple to help them prepare for life together.

The process we use to do our premarital counseling includes this Prepare/Enrich as well as training from other leaders. Other areas we include in our premarital counseling are finances, communication, and spiritual growth. The Pre-Marital Preparation Class Series is offered in the spring and fall each year.

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